Hulu SWOT Analysis

An Overview of Hulu

Hulu is one of the leading over-the-top media streaming platforms, offering thousands of TV shows, movies, and original content to viewers on demand. Since launching in 2007, Hulu has grown to become a major force in the streaming industry, evolving from just a site to watch recent episodes of popular shows to a robust service offering live TV and a wide content library.

Founded in: 2007
Headquarters: Santa Monica, California, United States
Industry: OTT video streaming platform
Acquired By: The Walt Disney Company
Annual Revenue [2023]: ~US$ 11 Billion
Employee Count: ~2000

By the end of 2023, Hulu’s subscriber count has grown to over 48.5 million paying subscribers and 4 million users subscribing to the Hulu Live TV bundle. As of 2022, the average monthly revenue per Hulu Live TV subscriber is $87.62.

On the other hand, among users without the live TV plan, Hulu reports an average monthly revenue of $12.72 per user. With The Walt Disney Company’s acquisition of Comcast’s 33% stake in Hulu for approximately $8.6 billion in 2019, Hulu is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Disney.

Hulu’s Main Products and Services
Hulu (With Ads), Hulu + Live TV, Disney Bundle (includes Hulu with Ads, Disney+, and ESPN+), Hulu (No Ads), Hulu (With Ads) Annual Plan, Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV
Competitiors of Hulu
Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, Paramount+, Peacock (by NBCUniversal), HBO Max, YouTube TV, Sling TV, FuboTV

This Hulu SWOT Analysis aims to support Hulu’s growth and success amidst an extremely competitive environment.


Strengths of Hulu

Focus on Original Content Attracts Viewers

With over 70,000 TV episodes and movies, Hulu offers a huge library of content. But did you know around 40% of their selection is original shows and films? Hulu has invested a lot in making hit originals like The Handmaid’s Tale and Castle Rock. This exclusive, original content helps attract new subscribers. In fact, demand for Hulu’s original shows and films has doubled in just the past three years.

Budget-Friendly Ad-Supported Plan Appeals to Price-Conscious Streamers

Hulu attracts budget-conscious viewers with its low $7.99 per month ad-supported plan. This affordable entry point accounts for 70% of Hulu’s over 48 million subscriptions. As the only major streaming service with large-scale experience offering an ad-supported option, Hulu has an advantage in this area. While Netflix and Prime go ad-free, Hulu’s cheap tier with commercials sets them apart. Their savvy, ad-supported model appeals to price-sensitive streamers.

Hulu + Live TV Attracts Cord-Cutters

Hulu has got a sweet deal for cord-cutters with Hulu + Live TV. Viewers can watch Hulu’s on-demand shows, movies, and originals, plus over 60 live channels, including must-haves like sports and news. Hulu just added 14 more channels to boost their lineup.

This focus on packing in more content fans want has paid off. Live TV subscriptions grew 10% last year to over 4 million. Hulu’s strategic focus on expanding its channel lineup, including the addition of highly requested channels, has made Hulu’s Live TV service a compelling option for consumers seeking a diverse range of content within a single platform.

Strategic Channel Expansions

Hulu has formed key partnerships to expand its services and reach new audiences. For example, it partnered with Spotify to offer a bundled subscription plan. It also partnered with Sprint to offer free Hulu access to unlimited data plan subscribers.

Additionally, Hulu partnered with Xbox in 2022 to attract gamers by offering three free months of PC Game Pass. Further demonstrating the power of partnerships, in 2023 Hulu secured in-season streaming rights to FOX primetime shows through a deal with FOX Entertainment. Securing rights to popular programs like Family Guy and Masked Singer is a boon.

Hulu’s Disney+ Integration Strategy

Bundling with Disney+ makes Hulu more family-friendly and appealing. The upcoming merger of the two services into a combined app will further strengthen Hulu’s position. A beta launch occurred in December 2023, with a full rollout expected in March 2024.

This will provide a seamless entertainment experience, with Hulu’s mature content complementing Disney+’s family-oriented offerings. The integration essentially creates a one-stop shop for households seeking diverse programming options.

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Weaknesses of Hulu

Fierce Competition from Netflix and Amazon

Hulu faces intense competition in the video streaming market from services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. As of 2023, Netflix has over 247 million paid subscribers worldwide, with Amazon’s Prime Video close behind with 200 million subscribers globally.

With such dominant players, it is difficult for Hulu, with just 47 million subscribers as of 2022, to stand out. To remain competitive, Hulu needs to continue investing in high-quality original programming and seek to expand its content library breadth across movies, shows, and live sports.

Hulu Streaming Companies Competitors

Limited International Availability

Hulu faces the weakness of limited international availability, as it is only accessible in the US and Japan. After launching in Japan in 2011, marking Hulu’s first international expansion, Hulu Japan was spun off and acquired by another company just three years later, in 2014.

Unlike top competitors like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which are available globally across 190+ countries, Hulu lacks a presence in most overseas markets. The current limitation is deemed counterproductive as on-demand streaming gains prominence. Thus, studios must compete for international audiences loyal to existing platforms.

Challenges in Embracing the Streaming Revolution

On-demand streaming represents a revolutionary new model for content creation, distribution, and profitability. However, this emerging model faced organizational resistance at Hulu, as traditional studio divisions aimed to maintain their established revenue streams.

Hulu struggled to align priorities and gain cooperation from the theatrical, home entertainment, and television divisions, which were reluctant to license top content to the streaming platform, fearing financial impacts.

Excessive Advertising Might Hurt Experience

Hulu’s ad-supported plan has faced criticism for excessive advertising. Ads range from 15 to 30 seconds in length, appearing as frequently as every 7 minutes during TV shows, while movies may have fewer ads initially before reaching the same repetitive frequency. Some users find the ad load too high, even for the ad-supported tier.

Complaints of overly repetitive ads and increasing ad length and frequency are hurting the user experience and have impacted Hulu demand. However, Hulu has recently implemented ad frequency capping and shorter ad breaks to help improve the experience and reduce repetitive ads. But balancing ads and the user experience remains an ongoing challenge.

Opportunities for Hulu

Ad Revenue Growth Potential

Hulu’s advertising business presents significant opportunities for growth now that Disney has gained full control of the popular streaming service. With its ad-supported subscription plan, Hulu has earned around $3.1 Billion subscriber from ads.

The company is making strategic shifts, such as testing shorter ad breaks and new interactive ad formats, to improve the viewer experience. Additionally, Disney’s ability to consolidate Hulu’s ad sales with its other platforms is seen as a significant advantage, attracting more advertisers and potentially boosting ad revenue.

Pricing Flexibility Attracts Subscribers

Pricing flexibility presents opportunities for Hulu to expand its subscriber base. Along with its current subscription tiers, Hulu could offer annual discounted plans to incentivize long-term commitment. Allowing some customization of channels or content bundles may help attract niche demographics interested in certain genres.

Providing add-on options for premium channels and sports could generate additional revenue while keeping base plans affordable. Periodic special offers like discounted family plans or student rates could also help acquire and retain subscribers. Evaluating promotional partnerships similar to the Disney bundle deal could make Hulu an enticing streaming value.

Expanding 4K Content Selection

While Hulu currently offers some 4K streaming for its original programming, its Ultra HD catalog lags far behind competitors like Netflix and Amazon. By prioritizing more deals for 4K versions of movies and shows, Hulu can appeal to tech-savvy subscribers with high-end TVs.

Hulu’s 4K content is streamed at an average of 16 Mbps, which is higher than the bitrates for 1080p and 720p streaming. The 4K content is available on specific devices, and Hulu has not been clear about whether its live TV service supports 4K streaming. Enhancing 4K support across all platforms and devices should be a priority. Adding more live sports and events in 4K could also attract cord-cutters.

Global Expansion Opportunity

Global expansion presents a massive growth opportunity for Hulu. Currently only available in the U.S., launching in overseas markets, especially Europe and Asia, would open the service to hundreds of millions of potential new subscribers. Hulu would need to negotiate regional streaming rights for movies, shows, and live sports.

Localizing the platform by adding content catered to each market’s culture and translating the interface into different languages is key. With Disney’s international reach, Hulu could leverage those global brand relationships. Going global requires investment but gives Hulu access to an audience far beyond America.

Emerging Tech for a Competitive Edge

Hulu has opportunities to pursue growth through emerging technologies like virtual reality, which could help the platform stand out and appeal to early adopters. There is also potential for leveraging data analytics to improve predictions of viewer preferences and content recommendations. Pursuing these opportunities can strengthen Hulu’s position in the increasingly competitive streaming marketplace.

We can see Hulu making significant strides in the virtual reality (VR) space. Just recently, the company launched a VR application in collaboration with various partners, such as RYOT, Live Nation, and others, to offer immersive experiences, including exclusive original content and virtual reality music series featuring artists like Lil Wayne and Major Lazer.

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Threats for Hulu

Consolidation & Competition in Streaming Industry

As the streaming industry consolidates, Hulu faces intensifying competition from a few dominant players like Netflix and Disney+, which use tactics like undercutting prices and offering differentiated subscription tiers to capture market share.

This concentration makes entering the market difficult for new streaming services. Hulu must continue providing exclusive content and competitive pricing to maintain its subscriber base against rivals with greater resources.

Looming Content Piracy Threats

Content piracy poses a major threat as Hulu expands globally. Streaming piracy sites offering Hulu’s content for free could substantially impact its revenue and international growth. A report from DataProt stated that over 80% of online piracy comes from illegal streaming services.

Hulu must implement strict copyright protections and geo-blocking to mitigate this threat. Additionally, exclusive content helps entice users away from pirated sources toward Hulu’s legitimate service.

Safeguarding Systems and Data from Cybercriminals

Hulu faces cybersecurity threats from hackers stealing user data like passwords and payment information. Security breaches could erode consumer trust in Hulu and trigger lawsuits.

Hacked Hulu accounts with stored personal information and linked credit cards are lucrative targets for cybercriminals. A premium Hulu account can sell for around $11 on the dark web. Hulu must vigilantly protect its systems and user data through robust cybersecurity measures to mitigate this threat.

Government Censorship and Content Bans

Government censorship and content bans pose a threat as Hulu expands globally. If certain movies or shows are banned by foreign governments, Hulu may be forced to remove them, upsetting subscribers. For instance, in 2023,

Hulu was apparently hacked and blocked in some regions by activists protesting LGBTQ+ content on the platform. Having to censor or alter content to appease different government restrictions could impact Hulu’s brand identity and demand. Hulu must navigate diverse global content regulations as it continues to expand internationally.

Rising Content Costs Could Impact Profitability

Rising content licensing and production costs pose a threat to Hulu’s profitability. As competition for exclusive streaming content increases, the costs of acquiring and creating original programming continue to climb across the industry. If content costs rise too substantially, it could erode Hulu’s margins over time, despite revenue growth.


When reviewing this Hulu SWOT analysis, it’s evident that Hulu has strong brand recognition in streaming with room to grow domestically and globally. To stay competitive, Hulu should leverage viewer data to inform content creation and licensing decisions, focusing on original, exclusive shows that set them apart. Enhanced personalization features and stronger recommendations via AI technology can also boost engagement and retention.

Geographically, key expansion into more international markets with localized content and pricing presents major upside, especially with Disney’s backing. However, they’ll need to balance international growth with strengthening the domestic subscriber base.

The acquisition by Disney presents major opportunities for Hulu to grow, leveraging Disney’s extensive content library and resources. Hulu can expand its content selection to include more Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars titles, making it even more attractive to subscribers. While challenges remain, Hulu’s strengths and opportunities resulting from the Disney acquisition set it up for a bright future.

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